April 19, 2004

At The Hands of The Hands of The Wolf

I pity the fool that missed our show this last Saturday at The French Fry Factory. It was off the hook!! Definitely one of the strongest line-ups of all time and one of the cooler venues. First off, thanks to the dudes at The French Fry Factory for letting us use their space for the show. It was nice to play a more party-like atmosphere than your typical bar.

The night began with much setting up and testing of the brand spanking new P.A. system which I shall now anoint "The Pony Express". Slowly the seething masses leaked in the door and by that time our equally awesome and spanking new friends The Weegs were set-up and ready to go.

How to describe The Weegs? Seething vocals, stabbing synth lines blending perfectly with the electric guitar, new-wave no-wave wave-wave. I dunno, words never help much with music but suffice to say they totally rocked and had the crowd flipping out. They started the night out on a high point and, might i add, looked pretty good doing it (nice gym shorts!). Weegs - you rule! Go to their site now and check our some music or some of their upcoming shows!

Next was us, your very own Stay Gold Pony Boy!! I was told that the skits were exceptional and we turned in a strong rockin set. We also debuted our newest tune "Rick James Hostage Crisis" to good effect. Thanks to Jeff from The Mae Shi for handling sound!

Speaking of which, next up was our friends The Mae Shi our favorite Los Angelean band. WOW is all I can say. I'm just happy we went on before they took the stage. These guys put out an amazing energy that you gotta see to believe. We always have fun playing with them, but I thought their set was exceptional. The entire crowd was dancing their ass off and all I could think about was how damn danceable they were still rocking. Those kids are really on to something. Rocking on moment, blasting the crowd with laptop noise the next, and suddenly they are all whooping like a tribe of angry gorillas and then back into the another crazy tune. its like inviting a tamanian devil to your birthday party. fucking amazing!

To close out the night was Caesura. I had never heard these guys before and thought they ruled. Supa-tight power trio rock. I was really impressed with the wall of sound these 3 could pull off and could tell they have been playin together for a while. All in all, they were the perfect act to top the night off as I felt they incorporated a lot of the styles of the bands that had come before them. Radicool!!

Lets not forget DJ Megaweapon!! he did an awesome DJ job, totally catering to the audience and each band. shit, he even did like some Greek wedding song which I thought ruled. Also, to those who were there, we know you are on his Friendster list - just admit it - its something to be proud of!!!

So there you go - a really excellent show. We hope to return to this venue soon and play with these bands again. Thanks to the bands and everyone who came and shared a great night with us.

To the future!!!

Posted by PFT at April 19, 2004 01:45 PM

By far my favorite show in the SF Bay Area. All I can say is WOW the ENERGY was great -- quite a buzz that was in that room that night.

It was truly an awesome night in that everyone there -- despite who they came to see -- seemed really excited to be there and open to all the bands and there was just this great feeling of "What's Going to Happen Next???" in the collective unconscious. Everyone was just having so much fun. It was great.

There was great cross-pollination and everyone looked so good doing it. YOWZA! YEAH! Thanks everyone for making this night a success!


Posted by: Lord Negatron at April 19, 2004 02:14 PM

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