June 17, 2005

Stay Golden Bull

a late entry and yet i remember it as if it were yesterday ...

This was our first show at the splendid Golden Bull in downtown Oakland. It was an early Sunday show on a rainy Mother's Day, which one might imagine would be the kiss of death for a rock and roll show and yet the loyal rockers of our beloved East Bay still came out!!

Stay Gold Pony Boy was up first and we were welcomed by a generous crowd poised and ready for the onslaught. By the time we were done the crowd had been worked up into a frenzy by a patented Golden set an were left panting for more.

Next up were IfihadahifI from Wisconsin. We were excited as we had heard great things about them but nothing could prepare us for their amazing set. People talk a lot about dance punk these days and yet i hear no punk and little dance there - but Ifihadahifi delivers a large dose of both. It was like if the scary older brothers of that girl you are dating duck taped you to a chair and aimed a nord lead keyboard and some guitars at your head over a disco beat while screaming at you through a megaphone and you ended up actually liking it. They were awesome, very noisy yet very dancable and a ton of energy. Plus they were great guys and the crowd LOVED them!! A great act that all must check out when they come through your town.

To close out the night were noise rock empresarios Replicator. Though we've played some festivals and other strange gigs with these champions of the Oakland rock scene, this was actually our first "normal" gig with them. As always Replicator brought the big ole power trio rock as only they can, show casing some new material as well as the good ole stand bys. The perfect end of a perfect mother's day, with enough time to go home call the old crow before her bedtime.

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