August 25, 2004

Any way you want it...

Didn't make it to the Noiserock picnic? Too bad, sucker. You missed one hell of free show, not to mention some great BBQ action courtesy of Bill the Grill. Here's the official report:

Drum and bass combo Me Infecto opened the day with some of the loudest heavy rockin' I've ever heard generated by two people. They drew the only SFPD cameo of the day, and apparently earned Edinburgh Castle its first ever noise complaint the previous night. These boys are loud, and they rock.

Next up was yours truly, Stay Gold Pony Boy, and we did our very best to shame the sun from the sky with our bad man sounds. The sun was still there when we finished, but so was the crowd on the hill, so it wasn't a total loss...

So, there's this band from San Jose, El Buzzard -- big heavy sound, people. Black Sabbath at 78rpm. Did I mention heavy? How about big? Wow. They came up after SGPB, and they ruled. Ruleded. Rulerededest.

Next up were my personal favorite of the day, Greenlight the Bombers. We'll playing with these boys again in a couple weeks, and I couldn't be happier. Weird and precise, GLB kept a smile on my face throughout their set. They were having a great time, and just to make sure that even the thickest would know it, they slapped a Journey cover into the middle of their Helmet meets Drive Like Jehu set. Go check these guys right now. Really.

With the sun dipping behind Potrero del Sol's trees, the Moggs mounted the stage and unleashed a flurry of the dense swirling guitar over fragmented drums. An impatient audience member mentioned that this duo has had a record in the works for six months. After hearing them play their compositions, I understood why: these kids put a lot of care into their work.

And presiding over the last gasps of the day was none other than Oakland's very own Replicator. This was their first performance since Chris and his bicycle had a little run in with a taxi, and you could tell they've been chomping the bit to bring the rock again. It was great to hear the winners from "You Are Under Surveillance," and the new material was stunning. I like where the old Replicator is going, yes I do.

All and all, a great day. We win again.

The Sunday BBQ, unfortunately, didn't happen as both bands slated to play with us fell victim to circumstance and couldn't make it out. C'est la vie.

Posted by Denton at August 25, 2004 05:48 PM

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