June 29, 2004

Dogs With Hats

What a wild and awesome show!!!

New Expression 4: Summer in the City was a smash hit! I gotta hand it to our dear friends at lunchboxing.com, they really know how to put on a show! The lovely RX Gallery played host to a night of music, art, and video which all strangely seemed to make sense together simply because of how damned fun it was.

The night began with a rush of people. I mean, by 9pm, this mofo was PACKED!! Never seen nothin like it on a weeknight. These art kids really know how to show-up on time!

After some short announcements and films from the Lunchboxing crew, Telecommunications took the stage: imagine 2 kids with keyboards & laptop and a third out front bouncing around the crowd with a microphone doing top 40 covers over their own electro reworkings of the tune. i was digging their cure cover, but when they did "Explosive" from the Chronic 2001 i almost lost my mind! i have never heard anyone tell me to "gobble a dick" so sweetly in all my life!

Next up was more Lunchboxing videos. Though I was furiously setting up, I must say - I thought "The Lunchboxing Guide to Shit Talking" cracked me up without even seeing the visuals!!

After a furious 7 minute set-up, THE PONY BOY, began blasting from the corner of the room. While some ran for cover, others pushed forward - like any battle. We played a lightning fast 25 minute set to great rapture by the audience. I saw the horned hand rise from the audience more than a few times during our set and were later christened "Drive Like Jehu meets Black Sabbath", which is a compliment in my book. We definitely won a few fans over and were delighted we received such a great response at such a special event!

We were followed by more video from Lunchboxing. This time, all I have to say is "Dogs In Hats". Pure Genius. My favorite was Captain Sweet Nuts, but you gotta see it. Check lunchboxing.com for a copy soon.

To end the night was oakland's very own hip-hoppers Meanest Man Contest. Armed with 2 MPCs, guitar, and microphone - these guys killed it. The MC'ing was tight but I have to say I was totally blown away by their beats!!! Wow. It was like flying into outerspace propelled by an army of kicks and snares. Thats what I'm talkin about.

. . . and so the night slowly faded into the drunken dancing and partying which isn't supposed to happen on Thursday night but always seems to. A great night. Thanks to all of the above as well as all the other artists, DJs, and most importantly you people who showed up!! Another triumphant night for Stay Gold Pony Boy . . .

Posted by PFT at June 29, 2004 01:48 PM

i love you guys! thanks for rocking the show! can i post this excalmation point laden review on lunchboxing? love, jamie

Posted by: jamie at July 9, 2004 03:54 PM

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