September 27, 2003

40th St. Wherehouse - Shevel Record Release

Yet *another* awesome show. This was out first time at 40th St. and we loved it. Gracious hosts, nice intimate vibe, lots of falling over and amp tipping, and the crowd was awesome. I don't think i've seen so many strangers at an SGPB show getting so into our set evAr!?! First off was Black Ghost who brought their 2 manwoman maelstrom to the crowd with a vengeance. As we were setting up, Cartographer staged a guerilla show. Nice! When he went into 'reign in blood' I felt like I was gonna lose it! Next came lil ole us. We got a great reception from the crowd and had lots of fun including knocking our amps over and some high flying stunts by our beloved Buckley Wilde. Next up were Electric Turn To Me from New York. Despite some technical problems with a keyboard (I actually liked how it sounded 'broken') they sounded great with alternately dreamy and ass kicking songs that were catchy and full of energy. Lastly were the undisputed stars of the night, our friends Shevel Knievel. They turned in a great performance featuring a nosedive through a mic stand, the sounds of alien abduction, and a generous helping of slag in support of their newly released album, Bull Wevel. Great bands, great night!

Posted by PFT at September 27, 2003 09:24 AM

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