July 10, 2003


Good Show, Good Show!! Played again with our pals Shevel Knievel and our new pals Outline Kit. We started the night with our new "Hit-it-and-Quit-it" half hour set of nonstop maximum r'n'r where we debut'd yet another new song - the third in our trilogy - to great effect. The women of Shevel took the stage next and kicked some ass. They have just completed their debut album (out soon) and you could tell that they were super tight. Lastly, Outline Kit took the stage and knocked the socks off of everyone with their hard rockin and melodic vocals. Lots of sound for a trio. The line-up was great and we'll definitely be playing with both bands again. In the meantime check out their websites and shows!!

Posted by PFT at July 10, 2003 09:18 AM

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