P.F. Tug

After being eaten alive by his father, P.F. Tug raised himself to resplendent manhood over three hard-spent months. When he exploded forth from the stomach of the jealous patriach in a ball of Greek fire, he found himself among Titans immersed in a thoroughly tedious existence of clerical work. He left, and spent the next four centuries perfecting his insolent swagger and gunfighting on the astral plain. Alone among the cosmos, Tug, having lost contact with the ways of his forebears, reverted to a primal state. Living on his instincts and denying himself nothing, it was only a matter of time before he struck stick to stone, skull, and log, first finding childlike delight, then obsessive compulsion, in the percussive tones secreted away in the elements. So it was that P.F. Tug became elect in the most enigmatic fellowship known to existence: DRUMMERHOOD. Never one to shy away from interfering in the affairs of mortals, P.F. Tug delights in aurally pummeling his listeners into semi-conscious states of otherworldly bliss; he now forms the big-boned skeleton of the full-frontal assault that is Stay Gold Pony Boy. Blessed with many talents, Tug also gingerly directs the heraldry incumbent on a venture of SGPB's magnitude. When P.F. Tug talks, people glisten.