April 30, 2006

Endless Summer

After many moons, it is true. Our debut self-titled record is now available!!

This record is a strictly digital release and is now available on Stay Gold Pony Boy - Stay Gold Pony Boy
(yes you can click that sucker!) and soon to follow on all major online retail outlets.

We'd like to thank David M. Grant for the awesome cover which is an actual painting by him created especially for us. You can also view the liner notes for the record here. We'll be making the completed package available for download as a PDF so you can print your very own!

Keep posted for a full website redesign, the launch of For Once Records (an all new digital record label run by P.F. Tug) and even possible new music from the vaults as they say. Also - just to keep up with the kids - come visit us on Myspace. We're particularly interested in sexual predators who like walks on the beach and gentle love bites on the back of the neck.

In other news we're insanely excited to announce that a track from our record entitled Midnight Frankenstein (available on our music page) is featured in Sony's Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix 3 for the XboX. Now you can get down with the Pony in the privacy of your own console!!

Finally - last but not least - it is true. The music industry has been buzzing with rumors and rank speculation so we must set the record straight:

SGPB officially returned to the primordial ooze of bandom in the Fall of 2005.

It is true. We are no longer playing together however we are extremely proud to have immortalized the madness in our self-titled record. It is the culmination of a lot of work and we are overjoyed to offer it to you, our loyal minions. This is not the last you've heard from the Pony though. We'll be continuing to work to spread our music to the masses.

In closing, we'd like to thank everyone with the intestinal fortitude to seek out and savor the horrific onslaught that is Stay Gold Pony Boy.

Never fear though, the members of SGPB continue to hand the world its collective ass on a platter:

You can find P.F. Tug & Lord Negatron cock rocking to the maxxx in Boyjazz

You can find Denton Naval at the helm of the Long Thaw

You can also find Lord Negatron's heavenly guitar & vocal stylings in Grazer

Check'em out, keep checking the site, and sign up for the email list if you like what ya hear! The list is still active and will only be used to alert you to any SGPB related items such as the launch of the new site (with tons of pictures & new media) & possible "deep in the crates" tracks from our fabled career as henchmen of the apocalypse.

... and so it is with great sadness that I leave you. However the sadness is tinged with great hope for the future and the realization that the Golden Pony's journey is just beginning as we launch our music toward the infinite horizon of the Interweb. We thank you, the first, the loyal, and the well endowed for acting as midwife to our terrible child. Farewell beautiful dreamers, farewell ...

Posted by PFT at April 30, 2006 11:00 PM
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