November 05, 2004


... and as the first dew of morning kissed the engorged tips of the tanned hills which clench the valley that is our home, the golden pony trotted confidently out from its solitude into the great wonder of the world ...

It is with great honor that I announce, as of last night, that SGPB has officially finished tracking our debut album!! We shall now take the sonic spoils of our loins and mesh them together into a rich tapestry of ridiculousness. Expect the complete LP to be released in the first half of 2005. Be sure to join the email list to be the first on your block to get the rock!!

If you can't wait that long, you can hear 3 teasers on our M3Ps page. We recommend you put these in your iPod and set them to random shuffle while enjoying a tepid bath of lavender and essence of wormwood - shaken not stirred.

As you may recall, in an effort to infect our countrymen and women, we pressed the limited edition advance EP "It Hangs Above You" for our Summer 2004 tour:


This is available at all Stay Gold Pony Boy shows for $5 (along with T-Shirts and other exclusive PonyWear) but, if you promise not to tell anyone else on the Interweb[tm], we will also mail you a copy for $6.50 (that includes shipping). Just contact us to make the arrangements, we do accept PayPal.

Even more exciting, this EP has already garnered praise from that most elusive of beasts THE PRESS. Check out this review of "It Hangs Above You" !! Awesome, gotta hand it to the S.F. Bay Guardian, they really do give us local bands great exposure. Thanks ya'll!

While mixing our album, we will be playing more shows and working on new material. We're looking forward to sharing our ruckus with the world and more good times. Every year the pony grows a little wiser, yet more ludicrous. Thank you for encouraging us. Without you, we would have very large psychiatric bills and no friends.


P.S. - You may notice the absence of comments on our site. After squandering all of our money on online gambling, lengthing our penises to unheard of sizes, ordering canadian drugs, tieing our assets up in mortgages, and many sleepless nights wondering if the sexy co-eds would ever email us back (i miss you!, lol XOXOX ROFLWAFFLE), we have decided to close down the comment portion of this blog. Please don't let it discourage you from contacting us!

Posted by PFT at November 5, 2004 12:34 PM
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