April 19, 2004

Never Gonna Let Ya Go

Thanks to all who came out to our show at the French Fry Factory! Great venue, great bands, best night evAr!! We had a blast and hope to return to the venue and play with the awesome bands again.

As always Check Out Our Shows Section! for a complete report on the night.

We have some gigs in the works:

We are going to play Club Awexome at The Edinburgh Castle May 21st - stay tuned for more details!

We are also looking into playing at our favorite coffee shop in all of Oakland - Mama Buzz Cafe. It will be a sunny day time Sunday gig so definitely keep your eyes peeled for more details on this.

We are also working overtime to mix our EP. We hope to have something online ASAP for you to check out and definitely expect to have copies of the album available this summer at our shows!!

Otherwise take care - may the rock be with you.

Posted by PFT at April 19, 2004 01:41 PM

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