February 13, 2004


It is with great pleasure and unbounded enthusiasm that Stay Gold Pony Boy heralds their much anticipated return to the bold glories of live musical perfomance in San Francisco!

On the evening of Friday, March 5, in the cozy listening room of the Edinburgh Castle at 950 Geary St, SGPB shall once again raise the din of blast rock, headlining a bill featuring the following formidable purveyors of aural smithery:

Roma 79
Heaven is a Hotel (Texas)
Early Lines (Texas)

Many a fortnight has passed with naught but furtive whispers regarding the past glories of the SGPB juggernaut unleashed. How many brows furrowed at the prospect of not obtaining experiential knowledge of that which is Stay Gold Pony Boy? Well, furrow no more, distressed brow; you're concerns are allayed. For, as has often been said in the parlance of these wonderfully degenerate times...

In a manner comparable to that of Donkey Kong, it is, indeed, on.

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